MailScanner seems to be skipping messages

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Fri Dec 19 17:24:15 GMT 2014

Do the received lines show th as t the MailScanner system is involved at
Do you have any ruleset on Scan Messages?

-- Glenn
Den 16 dec 2014 19:44 skrev "Vlad Mazek" <rd at>:

> Im running  4.81.4 with sendmail.
> I'm starting to see messages not going through MailScanner, is there any
> scenario you guys would think would cause a message to not be scanned. This
> is something that is sporadic.
> Maillogs dont show any entries for these message IDs, which in the past
> may have been attributed to cached scoring. But I'm not seeing the
> MailScanner header inserts at all.
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