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Fri Dec 5 07:39:25 GMT 2014

On 05 Dec 2014, at 12:35 AM, Steve Freegard <steve.freegard at> wrote:

> Um - isn't that a violation of the GPL?  Any modifications to code that 
> is part of MailScanner should have the sources available to anyone that 
> requests it (typically it's easiest to put patches up on a website 
> though, to avoid CD requests).
> At FSL we made a point of contributing anything we did to MailScanner 
> back to the community; like ConfigSQL which I expect Baruwa uses.

Just to clarify, most of our changes are not compatible with mailscanner proper,
for example we have no interest in any other MTA apart from Exim thus we have
stripped all that code out. We have code in to hook up search indexing which too
would not be compatible.

All other changes that are compatible we have pushed to Github. At no point have
we withheld our changes from anyone who has requested them.

As stated on the Baruwa mailing list anyone is welcome to request our tree and
shift through it and pull out whatever they want to and incorporate in mailscanner
proper. I just do not have the time to do it right now.

- Andrew

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