Clamd error messages since last week

Paul Welsh paul at
Fri Aug 29 19:13:31 IST 2014

> If the clamd daemon is local to the mailscanner machine I would recommend
> switching to a unix socket instead of tcp. Set it in your clamd.conf and
> then mirror the path and filename in the MailScanner.config such as
> Clamd Socket = /tmp/clamd
> Also I attached a small perl script that will check clamd and make sure
> it's both up and running and capable of responding (the PING/PONG)
> anything you can use to monitor program result codes can use this as it
> returns 0 for OK and 1 for any issues, you can also have it log to
> mail|info if you want to use a log file analizer and just call it from cron
> ever min or so, there is very, very little overhead
> Rick Cooper
Thanks for responding, Rick.  Seems to be setup that way already though:

# grep 'Clamd Socket' /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
Clamd Socket = /var/run/clamav/clamd.sock

# grep LocalSocket /etc/clamd.conf
LocalSocket /var/run/clamav/clamd.sock

Suppose a reboot is the next step.  Upgrading to ClamAV 0.98.4 made no
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