Has anyone tried MailScanner on CentOS 7?

Randal, Phil phil.randal at hoopleltd.co.uk
Thu Aug 7 16:21:38 IST 2014


I didn’t try them.

I should perhaps make it clearer what I did with the perl modules.

Started with the list of perl modules MailScanner installs.

Installed what I could via CentOS / epel repos.

Ran MailScanner installer, and when it failed trying to build a perl module, installed the failed module manually via yum, repeated, until I eventually got there.

Then checked with MailScanner –V and MailScanner –lint.

Test emails worked OK.

Only gotcha I had was forgetting to ensure that /etc/hosts had a correct entry for the host in it.  They joys of cloning VMs and forgetting the little details.


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Thanks Phil!

Sounds about what I thought it'd be... I'm in the process of a revamp of our MXs, so thought "why not go with the latest":-).
Apart from MS and MW, did you include some of the other usual stuff (DCC, Razor, Pyzor, CRM114 etc)?

-- Glenn

On 7 August 2014 13:59, Randal, Phil <phil.randal at hoopleltd.co.uk<mailto:phil.randal at hoopleltd.co.uk>> wrote:

I chucked it onto a test VM at home.

You need the –U flag in the /usr/sbin/MailScanner

#!/usr/bin/perl -I/usr/lib/MailScanner –U

Some of the perl modules included with MailScanner don’t want to build on CentOS 7.

I installed what I could from the distro and epel yum repos, and eventually got the required modules installed.

Not thoroughly tested, but seems to work for me.



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Subject: Has anyone tried MailScanner on CentOS 7?

If so, any trouble/recommendations?

-- Glenn
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