Outbound spam protection , guidance require.

jayesh shinde jayesha_shinde at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 7 13:24:11 IST 2014

Hi , 

My server handling  outgoing traffic of  2 lakhs = 200,000 (max) emails per day . 

Some time due to virus infection or password hacking , spammers are sending  many thousand of email within short time.  Which at the end causing to blacklist my outgoing IP spool.  I am using rate limiting ,strong password etc ...  but still due to such issues  business is getting disturb. 

Want to is there any paid / opensource spam database available which will scan the outgoing email traffic ( not incoming ) from LAN / Wan and that can be integrate within MailScanner + Spamassassin  or only with postfix MTA ?  Which can detect and block the bulk / spam emails in realtime and have Low false positive rate .

What is best practice others are following for such scenario ?

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