Bayes scores

Kai Schaetzl maillists at
Wed Apr 30 10:37:18 IST 2014

I would certainly *not* change the defaults of the middle Bayes values as 
given by SA, especially not Bayes_50. Only the values at both ends of the 
scale. Moderately. (e.g. I set _99 to 5. That's good enough. If you have 
other rules that constantly "tune down" the Bayes ruling too much for 
getting caught as spam then you should look at the other rules and why 
they do it and fix them (e.g. set to 0) as they don't seem to work very 
well in your environment (or in general).
The FP risk is much too high for tuning middle values. And if Bayes runs 
smoothly you get > 90 for spam.

Note, that latest SA introduced a new _999 that *adds* to the _99 score. 
(At least I think it does, there was some discussion about this on the SA 
list and I'm not sure about the final outcome.) It adds that little 
"extra" that you may need to overcome the down-ruling mentioned above.


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