Bayes scores

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Mon Apr 28 19:21:35 IST 2014

I was reviewing my configs and noticed this in spam.assassin.prefs.conf:

# Bump up SpamAssassin scores on the high and low end
# score BAYES_00 -15.0
# score BAYES_05 -5.0
score BAYES_50 2.5
score BAYES_60 2.75
score BAYES_70 3.0
score BAYES_80 4.0
score BAYES_90 4.5
score BAYES_95 4.75
score BAYES_99 6.0

Given that spamassassin is constantly being tuned and updated, is is prudent to leave those uncommented or would one be better served by going with the spamassassin defaults?  I'm sure Julian had a good reason to tweak them some years back, but given the ever shifting spam landscape I'm not sure if it's as applicable as it once was...

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