How to prevent multiple scans on same email?

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>  Hi List,
> I have this conundrum which I am hoping the experts on here will help me
> resolve. :)
> How do I tell mailscanner not to rescan an email that it had already
> scanned?
> I have a small server set up with mailscanner, spamassassin, etc. whose
> sole purpose is to process the inbound and outbound emails for a separate
> mail server. The mail flows well between the mail server and the
> mailscanner server. The issue I have is with 'forwarders', which are, as
> all of you will know, essentially an email address that is set up to
> forward incoming emails to another email address.
> Briefly, an incoming email for a 'forwarder' first hits the mailscanner
> server (being the primary mx), it gets processed for spam and viruses and
> then handed to the mail server. The mail server sees that the local address
> is not an email account but a 'forwarder', so it sends the email back to
> the mailscanner server for processing and distribution. That is fine.
> However, MailScanner treats the email on the second pass as completely
> 'new' and scans it for spam and viruses again, which is unneeded and
> causes unwanted resource usage.
> Is it possible to tell mailscanner not to scan twice by having it
> evaluate the headers so it could see that it is dealing with an email
> which it had already scanned? I couldn't find any options for this in the
> .conf file. The MTA on both servers is Exim, in case that may be relevant.
> Regards,
> Norman
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