Question: What does this mean and how do I clear it.

Mark Sapiro mark at
Thu Sep 5 21:09:29 IST 2013

On 09/04/2013 01:20 PM, Mike Watson wrote:
> Starting yesterdayand midnight I started receiving status alerts from
> MailScanner about two messages.
> ===============
> Subjetct: Problem Messages
> Archive:
> Number of messages: 2
> Tries	Message	Last Tried
> =====	=======	==========
> 6	r83N1kes031120	Tue Sep  3 18:22:54 2013
> 6	r835E51T006326	Tue Sep  3 00:36:51 2013
> What does this mean and how do I clear it.

The message comes from /usr/sbin/processing_messages_alert which is run
hourly by cron. It is reporting the contents of the Processing.db
sqlite3 database by running the command "/usr/sbin/MailScanner
--processing". The actual file is defined in MailScanner.conf by the
"Processing Attempts Database" setting (default =

The messages were probably abandoned after 6 failed attempts (Maximum
Processing Attempts = 6). See the MailScanner log messages (probably in
the system mail log) for more possible info.

If these are the only messages in the processing database, I think you
can safely delete it, and it will be recreated.

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