Problem with MailScanner after upgraded RedHat version

Thanakom Chinprasertsuk thanakoc at
Mon Sep 2 11:41:36 IST 2013


I found the problem after upgraded Red Hat 5.3 to Red Hat 5.9.

I count not send emails and it always had the error messages in /var/log/exim/mainlog as below.

2013-09-02 16:31:21 incomplete transaction (connection lost) from <test at<mailto:test at>> for
2013-09-02 16:31:21 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP command from

# MailScanner -v
Running on
Linux 2.6.18-348.el5 #1 SMP Wed Nov 28 21:22:00 EST 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
This is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.9 (Tikanga)
This is Perl version 5.008008 (5.8.8)

This is MailScanner version 4.83.4

#  exim -bV
Exim version 4.63 #1 built 26-Jan-2011 11:32:01
Copyright (c) University of Cambridge 2006
Berkeley DB: Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 4.3.29: (May 26, 2010)
Support for: crypteq iconv() IPv6 PAM Perl TCPwrappers OpenSSL Content_Scanning Old_Demime
Lookups: lsearch wildlsearch nwildlsearch iplsearch cdb dbm dbmnz dnsdb dsearch ldap ldapdn ldapm mysql nis nis0 nisplus passwd pgsql sqlite
Authenticators: cram_md5 cyrus_sasl plaintext spa
Routers: accept dnslookup ipliteral manualroute queryprogram redirect
Transports: appendfile/maildir/mailstore/mbx autoreply lmtp pipe smtp
Fixed never_users: 0
Size of off_t: 8
Configuration file is /etc/exim/exim.conf

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Thanakom Chinprasertsuk ( Note )
E-mail: thanakoc at<mailto:thanakoc at>
Mobile: +6686-577-3476

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