Could not parse Outlook Rich Text attachment

Robert Lopez rlopezcnm at
Mon Oct 14 22:16:12 IST 2013

I am seeing a lot of log lines like these:

Oct 14 13:37:15 mg08 MailScanner[22850]: Expanding TNEF archive at
Oct 14 13:37:15 mg08 MailScanner[22850]: Trying to unpack nwinmail.dat in
message B30054C0007.A33A0, could not create subdirectory
B30054C0007.A33A0//tnefncr7nY, failed to unpack TNEF message
Oct 14 13:37:15 mg08 MailScanner[22850]: Corrupt TNEF winmail.dat that
cannot be analysed in message B30054C0007.A33A0

I have been looking through the source of MailScanner-4.84.5-3 and I do not
recognize any answers to my questions.

Can the attachment really be named "nwinmail.dat" or is that first "n" a
typographical error?

Any hints on how to find why the directory cannot be created? By the time I
find log lines and take a look the parent directory is already gone.

If the winmail.dat file is removed will the email lose information?  If
not, how is MailScanner told to remove it without trying to scan it?

Robert Lopez
Unix Systems Administrator
Central New Mexico Community College (CNM)
525 Buena Vista SE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106
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