What to migrate to.

Lance Haig lhaig at haigmail.com
Wed Nov 6 11:24:24 GMT 2013

Hi Robert,

Thanks for responding.

I also get "voicemail" spam quite a bit it seems the spammers are 
getting better and better at making our spamassasin setups less effective.

Thanks for the advice I will definitely look at them when I rebuild my 



On 06/11/2013 01:07, Robert Lopez wrote:
> Lance,
> If you have been running Baruwa and you still are getting more SPAM it 
> seems that either more is being emailed to you and it is successful at 
> bypassing well known filter methods or perhaps the Baruwa set of tools 
> is of such complexity that you are overlooking how it is actually working.
> I am seeing a lot more phishing and "voice mail" spam carrying active 
> code lately. I have had times where some tools have failed in their 
> accessing external web site components which did not manifest is clear 
> ways. It simply was not obvious from maillogs what was happening. A 
> corrupted data base drove me crazy for weeks.
> Jerry Benton wrote the three primary ones are:
> - Baruwa
> - Mailborder
> - Mailwatch
> I have tested all three. The Mailwatch seems to have more development 
> lately but the time of little activity puts it behind in my opinion.  
> I found Baruwa had so much going on it was difficult to comprehend 
> which features were causing problems I encountered.  Mailborder is to 
> me a reasonable tool. I have not tested the newest releases and I do 
> plan to. There were a few short comings I believe Jerry may have now 
> addressed and I do want to see them.
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Lance Haig

Cape Town

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