Memory Leaks

Robert Lopez rlopezcnm at
Tue Nov 5 23:33:20 GMT 2013

Jerry I have seen on very busy systems the number of MS child processes
continue to increase well beyond the Max Children and when that happens the
numbers in /proc/meminfo all start to change. At this time I am watching
them but not really understanding what is happening. I see Committed_AS
really starts to increase when the number of children increase.

As to a machine that is actually not doing anything. I have two of them
associated to back burner projects. Postfix and MailScanner are running and
the only email that is processed is a few root cron jobs per day. On them
the /proc/meminfo numbers do not noticeably change. I know leakage, if it
does exist, may come from routines not used by these two systems. Paul
makes a good point. I run with Restart Every = 7200 on all gateways.
However, when big spikes hit I find manually restarting helps.

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