can "Ignore Spam Whitelist If Recipients Exceed" be a ruleset?

Steve Campbell campbell at
Mon May 6 18:11:51 IST 2013


I'd considered doing just that, only I would run --lint to see what it 
said before "reloading" MS. There are times, though, when MS will reload 
itself, so I was hesitant due to breaking one of the servers here. Both 
are very busy servers.

I'd also thought long and hard before submitting the question. In some 
ways, it doesn't make sense to have a ruleset for this parameter, since 
the situation that came up involved a message with 75 recipients, and 
only one of them was for my domains. I don't get many messages with that 
many recipients usually, so the default of 20 usually worked.

The emails involved have the sender's address in my whitelist file. It's 
listed in the blacklist file as "no" with the following entry being the 
entire domain listed as "yes". I'm finding that there's a mysterious 
situation where these blacklisted emails get database corruption at 
times, and that's the real reason I'm trying to avoid the threshold. It 
seems that some of these emails end up with a database "date/time" 
that's about one month after the time it's really received. It appears 
that I do not have the ability to release them from quarantine through 
Mailwatch either because the portion of the web page at the bottom where 
I would release them is missing.

By all rights, it should honor the blacklist entry for the specific 
sender, which is set to "no", but it completely disregards this once the 
threshold has been broken and blacklists the email anyway. I have a 
feeling that it's just the result of so many different parameters 
catching the email in ways I'm not considering.

Thanks for the reply.

On 5/6/2013 12:26 PM, Alex Neuman wrote:
> While someone who knows MailScanner's innards better may answer, I can
> tell you this: try using a .rules file and see what it gets you. Worst
> thing that can happen is that it will be exactly as it is right now.
> On Mon, May 6, 2013 at 10:22 AM, Steve Campbell <campbell at> wrote:
>> Just wondering, since I've found I have a need for a ruleset:
>> Can "Ignore Spam Whitelist If Recipients Exceed" be a ruleset? It
>> doesn't state that it can in my version (4.84.3). Was this an oversight
>> in the comments or is there a reason for not allowing a ruleset for this
>> parameter?
>> Thanks
>> steve campbell
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