Question regarding whitelisting part of a domain

Rick Cooper rcooper at
Sat May 4 16:52:08 IST 2013

Mike Tremaine wrote:
> This is a strange one and I'm not sure how to do it off the top of my
> head. I've got a domain that wants to try out mailscanner BUT they
> only want a few [6] addresses filtered. The rest they want to let
> through untouched. [Yes I know but it's a waste of oxygen to argue
> sometimes]. Without getting a full list of valid email addresses can
> anyone think of a clever way to whitelist the domain EXCEPT for the
> the 6. I don't think the rulesets allow for negation in the
> matching.... I also assume the biggest rule win so       
> To: thing1 at	no
> To: *	 	yes
> Would not work in the spam.whitelist.rules
> -Mike Tremaine

Look for the following in MailScanner.conf:
Scan Messages =

Set to something like:

Scan Messages = %rules-dir%/ScanMessages.rules

In your rules directory (usually MailScanner/etc/rules/)

Create a file with lines that look like:

To:	user1 at	yes
To:	user2 at	yes
FromOrTo: default       no

Then message scanning will only be performed when the incoming is addressed
to user1 at or user2 at and will be skipped for all other
incoming addresses and ALL outgoing emails. Once the file is created
rememeber to restart MailScanner.

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