ScamNailer update STILL not working

Richard Siddall richard.siddall at
Wed Jun 12 22:27:02 IST 2013

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> ScamNailer gets the information about current data by doing a DNS lookup
> of a TXT record for For over 6
> weeks, this has been returning "emails.2013-164.6", i.e. week 16, day 4
> update 6. It is currently week 23, day 0.
> I posted a patch at
> <>
> that works around this by guessing the current update, and it seems to
> work for me, but contrary to Matt Hampton's statement at
> <>,
> the underlying issue of the TXT record for
> not being updated is NOT FIXED.
> Does anyone care?

It would be nice if it was fixed.


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