fprot users - warning

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Mon Jun 3 06:16:56 IST 2013

Well, long time since I've used Mailscanner due to previous errors never
being resolved on latter OS's, so not sure if this list has discussed
this or not, but...

If you use f-prot, it is advisable NOT to upgrade to a 3.9 kernel if you
rely solely on fpscan etc will likely segfault everytime you try run a
scan. if you upgrade, disable f-prot and use alternative AV, though, I'd
hope most are using multiple anyways so should not be too much of a

I give you this advice since commtouch dont apparently read support
tickets for f-prot,or not at least  in past few weeks.

(please note- this is advice only, I dont read this folder, its auto set
to mark as read, if you really need me to see any reply, CC direct)

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