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Stephen Swaney steve at
Wed Jan 30 13:23:22 GMT 2013

* **We are very pleased to announce that a major update for our 
BarricadeMX Plus application has just been released. BarricadeMX Plus is 
used primarily by ISPs and larger sites that accept mail for multiple 
domains and need to delegate the configuration of email processing and 
anti-spam filtering to multiple domain administrators and end users.**
This upgrade replaces our existing level one SMTP filter (smtpf) which 
was written in multi-threaded C, with a new filter based on Haraka 
<>.  The details of this upgrade can be found 

Haraka is a relatively new open source SMTP server written in Node.js, 
the programming language built on top of the Google v8 JavaScript 
run-time engine used in Google Chrome.  In recent benchmarking, a single 
Node.js server gracefully handled over 1,000,000 concurrent HTTP 
connections thanks to it's event-driven nature.

BarricadeMX Plus implements the new Haraka anti-spam filter as the SMTP 
application which accepts or rejects incoming email in front of a web 
based version of MailScanner. Typically well over 50% (usually more like 
90-95%) of incoming messages are very efficiently rejected during the 
initial SMTP session substantially increasing span detection accuracy 
and ***considerably *reducing the number of messages that need to be 
processed by MailScanner .

These rejected messages are immediately returned to the sender with and 
Non-Delivery Receipt containing a link that allows valid senders to 
white list their address and resend the email in the unlikely event the 
rejection was a false-positive.

Please visit our web site at <>for more 
information, online demos or on-site demo/test installations.

You can also follow the open-source development of Haraka at GitHub 

Best regards

Steve Swaney
Fort Systems Ltd.
steve at <>
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