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I don't think it is that easy.  The paths to the web directory and a few others are different.  For example, the web directory on fedora/redhat is:
where in SuSE it is in:
So, I think the scripts have to have their locations changed.  Also, SuSE doesn't use YUM to update.
mscan:/etc # yum
-bash: yum: command not found
It uses zypper and there has to be a pointer to the installation source.  Just to point out a few difference.

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Not yet. The last time I used SuSE was around 2003. However, I will spin up a VM at some point and do it. It is simply a matter of updating the source to support SuSE formatted CLI. 

Jerry Benton

On Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 8:25 PM, Gary Faith <gafaith at> wrote:

Do you have a version for people running SuSE?

Gary Faith

>>> Mailborder at Gmail <mailborder at> 1/27/2013 5:55 AM >>>
Due to a change in my professional career Mailborder will now be free. In short, it needs to remain as a hobby and make no money beyond donations.

The structure of the Mailborder website remains the same, but licenses are now priced at $0 in the store. I will still continue to develop and improve upon Mailborder. It will not become a dead project.

I will also continue to provide support via the forums. The current version is stable and is suitable for production environments. I do ask that you still continue to provide me with feedback. It would be better for those of you that have been doing so move it do the forums instead of email. 

If you have a feature request or improvement, just ask. I am currently looking at a few improvements as well as support for the Debian platform. I am hoping to have this complete within the next couple of weeks. 

Best Regards,

Jerry Benton 

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