/usr/sbin/MailScanner.xxxxxx files

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Wed Jan 9 17:42:33 GMT 2013

on 1/8/2013 4:08 PM Gary Faith spake the following:
> You can find it here:
> http://wiki.mailscanner.info/doku.php?id=maq:index
> Gary
>>>> Kevin Miller <Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us> 1/8/2013 5:36 PM >>>
>>The backup system is not part of MailScanner, but is in the howto... If you
> have it, it was added by someone...
> Where's the howto?  I checked my MailScanner source directory, the
> mailscanner.info site and the wiki but didn't see anything there.   Could
> easily have missed it but figured if someone has it at their "fingertips" it
> would expedite things.
> Thanks...
Thank you for posting the link... I added that complete solution section, feel
free to modify it to suit yourself...

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