Mailborder for RedHat 63 and Debian 6

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Sun Feb 24 00:27:02 GMT 2013

*v3.3.1 Released*
Mailborder v3.3.1 has been released, which includes support for Red Hat /
CentOS v6.3 and Debian 6. This version includes a few bug fixes and
architecture enhancements. An upgrade for v3.3.0 to v3.3.1 will be released
in the next few days.

Thanks to Peter, Ling, and Toux for their help testing and identification
for this version.

*Currently Supported OSs*

- Debian 6
- Red Hat / CentOS v5.3
- Red Hat / CentOS v6.3
- Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Jerry Benton
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