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Jonas Akrouh Larsen jonas at vrt.dk
Tue Feb 19 08:39:44 GMT 2013

Hi all

I've recently setup my MS setup to act as an outgoing smarthost filter as well as scanning incoming mails.

However I've run into a problem. Obviously I would like the outgoing mails to be both spam and virus scanned no issue there, they are by default.

However big difference in how I want mailscanner to react depending on if a mail is incoming or outgoing.

I would prefer to simply bounce the email if it is considered spam. This is allowed for normal scoring spam but not for high scoring spam.

Somebody tried to make an argument for it a couple of years ago on the list, but it seems nobody really understood what he wanted to do, but simply kept on with the "never bounce spam"

Since quarantining or deleting outgoing mail without ever letting the sender know makes no sense to me, im curious as to what tohers are doing?

Are you simply whitelisting all outgoing mail?
Only virus scanning it, but not spam scanning it?
Maybe you are spam scanning it but with a much higher score limit?

Since we can't scan at smtp time, I see no other good reason than to bounce the spam back to the user, WHEN ITS OUTGOING.

This means this is only for internal users, hence I don't see how the normal policy about not bouncing spam applies.

Also it's a bit weird that its allowed for normal scoring spam and not high scoring.

Hope somebody have some insights to share :)

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards

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