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Mon Feb 4 19:46:08 GMT 2013

I found that sendmail on Ubuntu (I'm running 12.10) at least uses a nonstandard config file.  /etc/mail/sendmail.conf  (not the / file mind you) that contains the command line args for sendmail that the default sendmail init.d script will call.  So in my case, adding -bd -OprivacyOptions=noetrn -ODeliveryMode=queueonly =OQueueDirectory=/var/spool/ to the DAEMON_PARMS line in the sendmail.conf file fixed 90% of it.  Then I had to fix permisisons like you, I don't mind sticky bitting the files as root as long as the mail processes aren't running as root, so I got a bit lazy.  If you figure out how to change the user / file perms correctly, let me know, I'd rather do it correctly.


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You are correct about the error. If I change the group from Debian-exim to root, the init script works. Obviously, I don't want to run a production server this way. What do I need to change so it will work with Run As Group= Debian-exim?

On 02/04/2013 12:04 PM, Joolee wrote:
> The error is not with the init script but with the Mailscanner
> configuration. It is set to change the group running Mailscanner to
> one with id 119 but Mailscanner is not able to do it. It could be you
> are calling the init script with an account that doesn't have enough
> permissions or the group just doesn't exist.
> *I'm not a Linux expert so I can be wrong about this :P
> On 4 February 2013 18:16, Raymond Norton <admin at
> <mailto:admin at>> wrote:
>     I'm setting up a new relay scanner with MailScanner v4.84.5. I'm
>     using an init script from a tutorial, but it is erring out .
>     Although Mailscanner is already running I get the following err
>     when attempting to restart:
>     /etc/init.d/mailscanner restart
>      * Restarting mail spam/virus scanner MailScanner              No
>     MailScanner found running; none killed.
>     Can't set GID 119 at /opt/MailScanner/bin/MailScanner line 1541.
>     Any idea what I should be looking for to fix this.
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