Help with init.d scrip (Ubuntu)

Joolee mailscanner at
Mon Feb 4 18:04:33 GMT 2013

The error is not with the init script but with the Mailscanner
configuration. It is set to change the group running Mailscanner to one
with id 119 but Mailscanner is not able to do it. It could be you are
calling the init script with an account that doesn't have enough
permissions or the group just doesn't exist.

*I'm not a Linux expert so I can be wrong about this :P

On 4 February 2013 18:16, Raymond Norton <admin at> wrote:

> **
> I'm setting up a new relay scanner with MailScanner v4.84.5. I'm using an
> init script from a tutorial, but it is erring out . Although Mailscanner is
> already running I get the following err when attempting to restart:
> /etc/init.d/mailscanner restart
>  * Restarting mail spam/virus scanner MailScanner              No
> MailScanner found running; none killed.
> Can't set GID 119 at /opt/MailScanner/bin/MailScanner line 1541.
> Any idea what I should be looking for to fix this.
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