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I have done a lot of searching through the archives and I
have not seen any answers to "[Mailwatch-users] Not filter messages by
domain" on 6-12-2012 or no one else has asked the question. 

I am
running mailwatch and mailScanner-4.84.3-1. What I am trying to
do is allow a domain administrator to log in from the Mailwatch
interface and only see his domain's mail, add white and black list
entries, release messages, and run reports. 

When an account is created
in users as a domain administrator he is able to log in and see the last
50 messages only from his domain. When he clicks on list it says
"Username is not in the correct format to use this utility". When he
clicks on Quarantine the request takes forever (I assume because it is
selecting every message from SQL with his domain name in the To:). When
he clicks on Reports he is able to go through the filter process but
nothing is actually filtered. It continues to show the entire domain's

Here is the output of the two tables I thought we were supposed
to use for this type of setup: 

Let me
know if anyone else uses this type of function and is working. I could
really use your input on getting this to work. 

Thank you,

Hulen Jr
terry at

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