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Hello List,

It's been a while since I did a MailScanner install. In those days the "current" PERL was 5.8

Today, we're at 5.18!

I followed the familiar procedure, downloading the tarball for "other" unix and running, but it does appear that the changes made in the base PERL install have brought in a lot of problems with the modules shipped with MS.

Looking at I can see the same rather elderly set of perl module versions.

Can I simply install latest versions of all of these manually, or are there specific versions I need to be looking at?

I've included a zipped copy of the install log for your delectation. As you can see, most of the included modules do install quite happily, but there are some that don't, sometimes something (more) complicated (than I can work out), sometimes something as simple as a deprecated feature. The failures include HMTL-Parser, which is obviously crucial.

I am also slightly worried about other server roles which may depend on perl (even Nagios client needs some modules) needing more up to date versions and possible conflicts.

I suppose the same question should be applied in terms of the "install-clam-sa" tarball. The clam version is certainly out of date. Is that simply a collection of sa dependancies and in that case is it fine to just install the appropriate modules as indicated in the SA documentation. As for clam, I guess I can rip the configure command out of the script and build that manually with little trouble.

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