MailScanner stop checking mail

Carlos Raúl Laguna carlosla1987 at
Tue Apr 30 23:18:50 IST 2013

Hi everyone after a few hour trying to figureout what went wrong i am here
both  of my server with mailscanner dosent process any mail anymore the
server start and then it sit there waiting

postfix 5555 0.0 1.2 188364 33268 ? SNs 17:39 0:00 MailScanner: starting
postfix 11024 5.1 3.3 259944 87880 ? SN 17:59 0:51 MailScanner: waiting for

I see no log in mail.log or what so ever that actually pointme somewhere to
MailScanner --debug i freeze in

In Debugging mode, not forking...
Trying to setlogsock(unix)
Building a message batch to scan...
 and that it

any idea what is goin on ?
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