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Hi Martin

We do not bounce spam (since we do not deliver it), and we do validate recipients before accepting. However we scan for multiple backend systems. And let's say the system is down or unreachable we can't validate the recipient (since we do it live) and have to accept to be on the safe side.

However even ham generates bounces for a number of reasons. So while we keep the problem to a minimum (about 20-40 mails in the outgoing queue at any time, that can't be bounced/delivered) I do not think its too bad considering we have about 20k mails per day passing through our system (not counting greylisting mta rbl's etc)

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don't bounce emails that are selected as spam, no reason to anyway.
Check for valid recipients on inbound at the MTA and use that to reject the connection, using a decent delay on initial connection and use greylisting are all easy reasons to reject at MTA.
But after that it can quite a job to process the email for spam/malware so doing post 'acceptance' is still fine IMHO

Martin Hepworth, CISSP
Oxford, UK

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