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Rick Cooper rcooper at
Tue Apr 30 13:21:17 IST 2013

Jonas Akrouh Larsen wrote:
>> I do both SA and Virus scanning at smtp (exim all the way)  time so
>> I am curious what you mean by this statement? 
>> Rick Cooper
> Hi Rick
> Well you're doing it independently of MailScanner then. That's
> ofcourse also an option. But if you do both AV and SA in exim, whats
> the point of having MS behind it? And do you then AV and SA scan the
> incoming mail again inside MS?   

The SA conf is much stripped down for exim and MailScanner does not do the
virus scanning since it has been handled via exim. However I do have MS redo
the SA scanning with a complete+custom rule set if the message makes it past
exim. Technically exim could easily do everything that MailScanner does but
it's easier to let MS handle the quarantine and use the MailWatch interface
for users. Now I would not think this setup would work well for
installations that have a large amount of mail incoming. Bear in mind we see
maybe 1000 emails per day per site and that is all. I would say more than
90% of spam is dropped at smtp for various reasons and of that 90% at least
70% is dropped before data. There are various triggers that prevent an email
from being scanned by spamd at smtp time because they are likely ok but, if
they are not white listed, they are then scanned by MailScanner in the
backend just in case.

> Always interesting to see how other people are doing it :)
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