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Hi Glenn

>That MailScanner doesn't operate at SMTP-time is exactly what sets it apart... It is the fundamental difference that make MailScanner perform so >much better, and suffer from so much less risk of DoS:ing, than amavisd ...
>Sure, you cannot do "on the fly rejections", but ... AV/Anti-UCE scanning is to expensive at that stage anyway (IMO)... apart from the simple >things you can do in the MTA, that is (recipient verification, rfc strictness, graylisting etc). But the benefits of not doing it in one go, as amavisd >does, far outweigh that drawback.
>If one were to somehow wrangle MailScanner into action during SMTP... one could as well use amavisd instead;-).
>As for choice of MTA, one should always stick with the one one is most comfortable with ... You're far less likely to foobar things if you know >what you're doing:-). If one starts from scratch, taking into account what happens to be the default on the system you use seem like a very sound >strategy:-).

I've stuck with exim+MS for 5 years so I guess I must be liking it for the most part :)

However I do find it annoying not being able to scan at smtp time, it would be much simpler for bounces and such, and rid my outgoing queue of mails I can't return to sender because it was forged etc.

Also it shouldn't run in parallel, so it's no more expensive than running it post smtp, since you don't spam scan a virus, you don't virusscan something listed on rbl etc.

But thanks for the comments :)

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