Bouncing messages with missing From: info

Rick Cooper rcooper at
Wed Apr 17 02:11:53 IST 2013

Raymond Norton wrote:
> I am using MailScanner 4.84.5 with postfix. I have one relay domain
> getting hit hard by  non delivery notices which are missing any info
> in the "From" field.
> Is there a rule I can add to postfix that will bounce messages like
> this? 
> Raymond

You should not bounce or reject anything based on null senders as that
prevents legitimate bounces.
You do not state if the TO addresses are valid, if they are you will have to
deal with it unless you see a pattern of valid users that are getting the
bounces, in which case (I have had to do this in the past) we deny or
redirect bounces to that/those users that also have a null sender. If they
are invalid then you should be rejecting them at RCPT time.

My philosophy is I NEVER bounce anything. Once accepted it's my problem and
I do not accept non deliverable emails, or emails that are supposedly coming
from my domain but not one of my servers or any Hard fail SPF result or
failed DKIM, or other criteria. Once I take it it's my problem so I just
don't take problems


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