Filetype Checks: No executables on Greek Emails

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Fri Apr 5 10:10:33 IST 2013

BTW, when stripping down the body, you may need "de-MIME" a bit as well, to
get the actual thing that file sees... Can be a bit tricky:-).
IIRC there is a common greek greeting phrase that will start with a
character that is guaranteed to be interpreted as a DOS executable... so
you might not need go through the trouble of the copy/edit thing, just put
that greeting in a (text) file and run file/file -i on that... or just
cut'n'paste from your MUA, or similar.

I mentioned russion and greek specifically, but this has been reported for
other non-english languages as well (french and some south east asian
language, at least... for french the culprit was an É or Ë or similar).

-- Glenn

On 5 April 2013 10:54, Glenn Steen <glenn.steen at> wrote:

> I'm guessing that you have
> ClamAV Full Message Scan = yes
> set in MailScanner.conf ... This will make MailScanner "unpack" the body
> of the email as a file in the directory presented to ClamAV for scanning
> (other AVs don't seem to need this "help"). The goal is to catch malware
> that isn't "properly" encoded, but rather just dumped in the message body.
> For non-english locales, especially greek and russian locales, this can be
> ... less than fortunate, since the "body file" will be present when the
> file command is run on the directory, and the file command has some very
> naive one byte magic detection "strings" that will interprete common greek
> (or russion KOI-8) characters as being the start of an MS-DOS executable
> (COM-files et al).
> When the message is quarantined, the "whole message file" (including
> headers) is stored in the quarantine (not the file containing just the
> body), so a simplistic "file message" command will not show the root cause.
> You need make a copy of that file and manually remove all the headers (and
> the blank line separating the headers from the body), then run file (and
> file -i) command on that to see the gory details:).
> Provided one has the file -i column in filetypes.rules.conf (it is an
> optional fifth column, meaning that you likely don't have it and need add
> it yourself... The columns are <TAB> -separated!), you can use the file -i
> commands "findings" in that column, for the line that triggers the
> blocking.... Having lines with file -i "syntax" will make the file -i take
> precedence ... I think, at least.
> The common practice of changing the "File Command = " setting to the file
> -i command is perhaps less work, but it is also less secure, since the
> string matching on the result may be even less reliable than usual. Then
> again, file type checking is more of an art than a science:-):-).
> As I'm sure you've noticed, this isn't a new problem, it has been with
> MailScanner for quite a few years (if not since the very begining). The
> methods for fixing the problem has varied over the years (editing the magic
> file, reporting it to the file command maintainers as a bug, using file -i
> straight up etc), but the interface Jules has provided is actually the very
> best imaginable, so do explore that... In a stock filetype.rules.conf file
> there is even an example for the DOS executables that file -i might find
> (hopefully a bit more securely than the plain file command... Though the
> commands are actually one and the same, the -i uses a different magic file,
> not just different descriptive strings).
> Changing the ClamAV setting shown above to "no" will make this problem a
> lot less common (read: go away completely:-), as well, so that might be
> another very viable option... If you use more than one AV, you don't lose
> that much security by doing so.
> Cheers!
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> -- Glenn
> Den 22 mar 2013 16:40 skrev "Nikolaos Pavlidis" <
> Nikolaos.Pavlidis at>:
>  Hello all,
>> I'm having an issue with Mailscanner which weirdly enough has been
>> already discussed here
>> The problem is:
>> Mar 22 15:00:18 smtp1 MailScanner[17935]: Filetype Checks: No executables
>> (r2JAPluH011324 )
>> Mar 22 15:00:46 smtp1 MailScanner[17935]: Saved entire message to
>> /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/20130322/r2JAPluH011324
>> And:
>> [root at smtp1 r2JAPluH011324]# pwd
>> /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/20130322/r2JAPluH011324
>> [root at smtp1 r2JAPluH011324]# ll
>> total 28K
>> -rw------- 1 root root  22K Mar 22 15:00 dfr2JAPluH011324
>> -rw------- 1 root root 3.7K Mar 22 15:00 qfr2JAPluH011324
>> [root at smtp1 r2JAPluH011324]# file -i *
>> dfr2JAPluH011324: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
>> qfr2JAPluH011324: text/plain; charset=unknown
>> But I have also added the lines suggested in the previous thread so my
>> filetype.rules.conf looks like:
>> <snip>
>> allow   text            -                       -
>> allow   -       text/plain      -                       -
>> allow   -       text/x-mail     -                       -
>> allow   -       message/rfc822  -                       -
>> allow   \bscript        -                       -
>> allow   archive         -                       -
>> allow   postscript      -                       -
>> deny    self-extract    No self-extracting archives     No
>> self-extracting archives allowed
>> deny    executable      No executables          No programs allowed
>> <snip>
>> I have restarted mailscanner before re-queuing the message but always the
>> same result...
>> Any ideas/recommendations would be much appreciated,
>> Kind regards,
>> Nik
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