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Dave Helton dave at KD0YU.COM
Wed Sep 19 17:27:00 IST 2012

> So I tried out your suggestion and put in a a ruleset in the non-spam actions.
> rules that read
> to: * deliver
> to: * deliver
> from: ip.address        store
> and then when that did not work added
> fromorTo: default       deliver

Although case is not critical... consistency is a Good Thing (tm).

> Still did not work and all e-mails coming into the company were lost (dang it)
> and I kept getting an error message saying   Syntax error in "header" action in
> spam actions,
> missing ":" in etc/MailScanner/rules/non.spam.rules

Most programs are designed to deal with a liberal use of "whitespace"
rather than the lack of it.

> deliver
> deliver
> From:xx.xx.xx.xx store

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