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Dave Helton dave at KD0YU.COM
Sun Sep 16 14:25:32 IST 2012

Lately I've been seeing a lot of spam out some IP's in the Netherlands, advertising Overstock, ADT,
some ink vendors and a whole bunch of other crap.  The messages average around 190k per email,
and some are pushing over 250k.  Not your small time spammer anymore.

I set the "Max Spam Check Size" to 500k and added the following rule to my

uri                    KD0YU_GOAWAY_26            /http\:\/\/.*\.us\/php\/off\/\d\d(\d)?\.\d\d\/(top|sub)\/.*/i
describe        KD0YU_GOAWAY_26            Overstock,ADT,or Ink, or whatever
score              KD0YU_GOAWAY_26            50



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