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Paul Littlefield info at
Wed Sep 5 10:12:09 IST 2012

On 05/09/12 09:10, Martin Garcia wrote:
> I would like to have a MailScanner instance to forward, to more than one
> email address,
> for example, if a spam is detected forxyz at  then forward to
> spam at,
> if a spam is detected forabc at, then forward to
> spam at

Does this cover it?

  "forward" keywords
  In an email address specified in the "forward" action, several keywords can
  be used which will be substituted with various properties of the message:
  _FROMUSER_   The left-hand side of the address of the sender.
  _FROMDOMAIN_ The right-hand side of the address of the sender.
  _TOUSER_     The left-hand side of each of the recipients in turn.
  _TODOMAIN_   The right-hand side of each of the recipients in turn.
  _DATE_       The date the message was received by MailScanner.
  _HOUR_       The hour the message was received by MailScanner.
  This means that you can forward messages to email addresses which show the
  original recipients of the message, which could be very useful when
  delivering into spam archive management systems.

So you could set up a ruleset...

...shout back if you want more help.


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