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Dave Gattis mailscanner at
Tue Oct 23 11:58:07 IST 2012

Let me see if I can explain this properly:

a at sends to b at

a rule exists at to redirect to c at, therefore

a at arrives safely c at

When opening the email, it looks like this:

From: a at
To: b at

This is exactly what I want and works perfectly in any mail client.

Unfortunately, when you look at the list of messages MailScanner has
processed (using the MailWatch frontend), every message, no matter who
from looks like this:

From: b at
To: c at

This renders white/blacklisting useless, and subject lines are the only
clues available for releasing SPAM.  When looking at the raw headers, the
redirect is adding a "Resent-From" header which I believe is overriding
the "From" header.

No matter what is received, MailScanner is basing some of it's decisions
on the "Resent-From" address which lowers the score for all messages.

This is what happens when corporations make poor decisions. 
Unfortunately, I am forced to find a workaround for it.

Dave Gattis

> Le 22/10/2012 15:26, Dave Gattis a écrit :
>> Each message is stamped with "Resent-From" and "Return-Path" of the
>> redirecting address.  I can strip those headers out, after MailScanner,
>> but really need them removed before.
> Why do you really need them removed? If it's just for spamassassin, you
> can use bayes_ignore_header in your file.
> John.
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