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My understanding is that you use sa-learn to train the database.  If you get a false positive you feed it to spamassassin as non-spam.  If spam slips through, you feed it back to spamassassin as spam.  I expect sa-learn is also called during the scanning process in the background.   I don't think you need to do anything special w/your users unless a message is mis-tagged.  The previous bayes database should be still working and being updated...

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I suppose this is more a Spamassassin question than MailScanner but I'll ask anyway.

I've just finished setting up a mailserver using CentOS 6.3, Dovecot, sendmail, and MailScanner-Spamassassin. This is an upgrade from an older linux server that also ran an older version of MailScanner-Spamassassin.

I know SA runs sa-update via cron. That's working. it necessary to run sa-learn for each user as well to detect SPAM that gets through MailScanner?  There has to be a reason for sa-learn or it wouldn't be included in the SA package. I do have Baynes activated for SA.

Is there any reason to run sa-learn on the spam files?




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