MailScanner delivers SPAM but will not quarantine properly

Dave Gattis mailscanner at
Thu Oct 18 00:06:47 IST 2012

It's been a while, but this one has me stumped:

This is a new install with Postfix, MailScanner, MailWatch, Spamassassin,
etc.  If MailScanner is set to deliver SPAM messages, everything works
perfectly.  When set to hold, they get stuck in the "hold" directory until
MailScanner gives up.  When they eventually move to quarantine, MailWatch
reports them as

"Other Bad Content Detected" in the admin email that is sent


"MailScanner: Message attempted to kill MailScanner".

I have intentionally lowered my SPAM scores to replicate this over and
over until I can get this resolved.  At this point, I am certain that it's
some sort of permission issue but have tried everything I can think of.

What's even odder is that I have another server running the exact same
versions with the exact same permissions and it runs just fine.  I'm open
to any suggestions as I'm ready to move on to another project.  Thanks for
your help.

I don't know what we'd do without MailScanner.

Dave Gattis

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