Malware Tried to Kill MailScanner

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on 10/11/2012 7:06 AM Timothy J. Barhorst spake the following:
> Our Centos 5 - MailScanner 4.84.5-2 server was attacked last night 
> with a message that tried to kill MailScanner.
> The message contained a .zip file with HTML.Phishing.Pay-6 infection.
> Should this have happened? Is this a bug in MailScanner? Why would 
> MailScanner crash?
>> This happens when the processing takes too long to complete. Sometimes
a deeply nested zip file, or other system >>processing. Usually the
message gets quarantined after the processing attempts have reached the

O.K. That makes sense.. Thanks.
How do I stop the hourly MailScanner message that is telling me this


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