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Tue Oct 9 12:44:32 IST 2012

Martin Hepworth wrote on Mon, 8 Oct 2012 19:35:49 +0100:

> search for overloading in the mailscanner wiki.

We may be talking at crosspurpose. Glenn also pointed to overloading. I 
don't see why I should need this. See below for more detail.

> I's also check  the Scan.messages.rules

Unfortunately, these actions (check for file name/type) seem to be exempt 
from "scanning". I have localhost in this file since day 1, but noticed 
only recently that it apparently doesn't stop the file name/type check 
from happening. So, exempting from scanning doesn't help.

Now back to the question.
I do not want to overload (unless I have to), I want to use 
filename.allow.conf (Allow Filenames =). What I'm asking for is the 
correct format for this ruleset. It's not mentioned anywhere and deriving 
from the general description of a ruleset it should be something like

From:  \.txt

because the format of the config option is

# Allow Filenames = \.txt$ \.pdf$

So, according to

I have the criteria on the left and the action on the right. Analogous to 
a ruleset from for instance scan.messages.rules
From:       no
the action is a "replacement" for the MailScanner.conf action on the right 
side of the equal sign.

So, if I have a basic format of
Allow Filenames = \.txt$ \.pdf$
then the equivalent entry in allow.filename.conf
(Allow Filenames = %etc-dir%/allow.filename.conf)
should be
FromOrTo: default \.txt$ \.pdf$

If not, I don't understand how rulesets should be built.

So, is this correct or not? If not, what's the correct syntax for 


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