Reprocessing quarantined messages

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Or does this explain it ( at the top of one message)

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Subject: Re: Reprocessing quarantined messages

I took the “each” out of the statement, and it seems to go through each directory.
But now as it processes, I get this message:
“No recipient addressess found in header”
If I look inside some of the message files, they seem to be broken up ‘pieces’ of messages.
So, “Quarantine Whole Messages As Queue Files=no” breaks them into pieces rather than storing the whole message plain text? Or at least that’s what seems to have happened.
I appreciate the help you folks are giving me. I am somewhat swamped with 400+ PCs to support in 30 locations 130 miles apart, plus 7 servers here in the main office.
With the help of 1 other staff member, we know enough to keep things going most of the time, but haven’t become expert in anything, so need a bit of direction now and then.
Any other suggestions? Or are we screwed?
Thanks again,

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