Minor typo errors on mailscanner.info

Hilario Fochi Silveira hilario at soliton.com.br
Mon Nov 26 20:38:23 GMT 2012

I have seen these minor errors for years.

Thus I have attached an edited MailScanner.conf with all the corrections I saw.

A simple diff with the current MailScanner.conf 
file should show the diferences.

Hope this helps.


Hilário Fochi Silveira
Soliton Controles Industriais Ltda.
02017-002 Rua Alfredo Pujol, 1010 - São Paulo - SP - Brasil
Tel: +55 11 2950-1834          Fax: +55 11 
2979-8980          e-mail: hilario at soliton.com.br
Distribuidor Parker/SSD Drives (Anteriormente 
Eurotherm Drives), Eurotherm Controls, Action 
Instruments, Montalvo, Koyo, Sharp/Hakko Monitouch
www.ssddrives.com.br    www.eurotherm.com.br 
       www.actionio.com.br             www.montalvo.com.br

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