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Fri Nov 23 13:41:28 GMT 2012

Thanx all. As JC Woltz wrote, the script made an import from a regular text file and build mailhost.db in /etc/mail. Very easy to configure and effective.

However, if that scripts has been obsolete, I'll check that milter-ahead instead.

If anyone here have that Perl-script (I think it was Perl-based) I would be happy because I know how it works. Is Milter-ahead easy to configure? (I'll of course read the manual ;-)

BR /Jonas

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IIRC this was never detailed in the main site, but rather in the wiki ()... Somewhere under the docs for the respective MTA...
The script you refer to was most likely for Postfix, but ISTR someone adapting that for Sendmail use, but the bottom line is that nowadays... Neither MTA needs that hack. In Sendmail, use a milter (there are more than one that will do this, at least some that are FOSS;-), in Postfix use the docs for recipient verification as found in the postconf man page/ob the<> site (it might still be in the sender address verification doc there... don't do that, just the recipient bit)... Or, as said, look in the wiki (might be slightly dated info there;-).

Having said all that, I personally still use a homegrown script around the open-ldap tools and postmap, more for historical reasons/lazyness tgan anything else. The reason for it all dates back to the time when I was protecting an Exchange 5.5 which was managed by a contrary fellow who wouldn't even try make it correctly reject unknown recipients. Now... I'm in charge of the Exchange bit too, and the defaults for that MTA has changed, so it will reject as expected (that too changed quite a few versions back...  In Exchange 2000, IIRC:-).

-- Glenn
Den 21 nov 2012 23:24 skrev "Jonas Lilja" <jonas.lilja at<mailto:jonas.lilja at>>:
Hi, for a couple of years ago there was a guide on<> about restricting the MTA (Sendmail) to only deliver email to valid users in an Exchange environment. This made the performance of the server much better because either MailScanner or Spamassassin need to process invalid emails.

I remember that there was a perl-script which picked up the content from a textfile (with all smtp-addresses in the domain) and then build a special file in /etc/mail/

I can't find this guide on the site. Anyone who can help me?

BR /Jonas Lilja

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