SV: MailScanner defunct, attempted too many times

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Tue Nov 20 14:36:06 GMT 2012

On 20 November 2012 14:35,  <paolg16 at> wrote:
> I put spam score  and high Score spam to store . When detect, message like thiS below appear.
> All messages kept in the server.
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Probable cause is either of:
- Junk file (perhaps a spamassassin file of some type or other) in the
hold directory. If so, clear it/move it and determine why it got
created ther (sign of a misconfiguration!).
- Sign of taint problems or misconfiguration. If so, stop MailScanner,
then (on the commandline) start a debug run (this will run one batch
through, with output to the console/terminal, then exit). Look for
signs of error, if you get any, google them (or check the ml archives
if those are known/with a fix), and ... if they indeed are taint
problems, try adding the -U flag to the hashbang line of MailScanner
(the main script, likely in /usr/sbin). If it iseems to be a
misconfig, "MailScanner --lint" may help you pinpoint the error.
- This might also be the sign of malicious emails crafted to crash
MailScanner. If so, you need provide these messages to the list and/or
Stephen Cox/Andrew Colin Kissa. pastebin is preferred for that, or
some other form of download. site.

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