Emails rejected by blackberry servers

Budi Febrianto bfebrian.milis at
Fri Nov 16 01:55:10 GMT 2012


Many users in my office forward their email office to their blackberry
email address like noname at
This already running for years without any big problem.

Last night, I found out that all emails to are rejected,
with error message
"550 #5.7.1 Your access to submit messages to this e-mail system has been

After googled, I found out that this happen because mostly that my office
domain are listed is one or two dnsbl, that's why blackberry rejected the

Is someone know which dnsbl that blackberry using?

Checked with, my domain listed only in INPS_DE, I
want to make sure because INPS_DE want some fee for delisting.

Best Regards
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