FIXED: missing or disappearing problem

John Wilcock john at
Sun Nov 11 09:25:13 GMT 2012

Le 10/11/2012 14:15, Jules Field a écrit :
> I have just released a tiny update for MailScanner 4.84.5-3 which fixes
> the problem where clamd would quarantine because it
> should it had a virus in it.
> It does indeed have a copy of EICAR in it (a 100% safe test string used
> for testing virus scanners), and I have now encoded it rather better so
> that clamd won't find it.

Good to hear from you, Jules.

What's the situation of your updates compared with the github repository 
you entrusted to Andrew and Stephen? AFAICT the latest pushes to that 
aren't included in your 4.84.5-3.


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