Loads of stale zero byte tmp files?

Remco Barendse mailscanner at barendse.to
Mon May 21 23:04:58 IST 2012

On Mon, 21 May 2012, Richard Mealing wrote:

> I would check in your mailq.in folder also as you might find tnef files there too.
> I raised this a couple of weeks ago, but no-one got back to me, so I rolled all my machines back to 4.83.5.

Slowly i am getting the feeling that MailScanner is turning into 
abandonware...   The problems with TNEF have been reported ages ago and i 
do remember seeing some fixes posted to the mailing list but don't think 
they ever got incorporated in the latest release of MS.

Pity, MS has always been doing a great job for me

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