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Ken A ka at
Wed Mar 28 16:59:51 IST 2012

SA already has a lot of HELO rules, due to all the spam from bots, and
the lack of decent HELO checks in MTAs by default.

Use score actions in MailScanner.conf to put spam in quarantine or 
tag/deliver or whatever. Quarantine here is MTA quarantine, not an IMAP 
folder named "quarantine".

If you want them in specific IMAP folders, you'll need to use your LDA + 
sieve, procmail, or similar to match something in the headers - like the 
X-MailScanner-SpamCheck header with "HELO_"


On 3/28/2012 10:07 AM, Sampson, Aaron wrote:
> So my company is starting to deal with a lot of smaller companies and
> I am running into an issue of e-mails being rejected due to the HELO
> command coming back incorrect from the incoming e-mail.  I know this
> is a simple fix and we have fixed this issue for several companies
> but that is time consuming, and will become impossible as business
> grows.  Is there a way to for Mail Scanner to take the rejected
> e-mails and place them in a folder like quarantine or even the
> quarantined folder?  If I change the reject message to a rule set how
> would I set up the rule to say (any rejected e-mail place in
> FOLDER...)  using MS 4.84.5, with clamd, spamassassin on CENTOS 6.2
> in case you need this as well. Thanks

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