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Sampson, Aaron Sampson at
Wed Mar 28 16:07:28 IST 2012

So my company is starting to deal with a lot of smaller companies and I am running into an issue of e-mails being rejected due to the HELO command coming back incorrect from the incoming e-mail.  I know this is a simple fix and we have fixed this issue for several companies but that is time consuming, and will become impossible as business grows.  Is there a way to for Mail Scanner to take the rejected e-mails and place them in a folder like quarantine or even the quarantined folder?  If I change the reject message to a rule set how would I set up the rule to say (any rejected e-mail place in FOLDER...)  using MS 4.84.5, with clamd, spamassassin on CENTOS 6.2 in case you need this as well.

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