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Martin Hepworth maxsec at
Fri Mar 23 13:41:38 GMT 2012

I tag low scoring spam I tag the subject and deliver, for high scoring spam
the action I just delete it don't deliver.

Now I'd suggest having the mailscanner gateway on separate machine (real or
virtual) from the end user server, I've seen too many issues with mixing
the two, esp when it comes to updates of the OS and applications. Plus it's
better to keep the load off the user email server so it can concentrate on
that job and not be affected too much by having to process all that crub
email in the first place.

Martin Hepworth
Oxford, UK

On 23 March 2012 13:06, Patrick Healy <pjhealy at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I know this is going to sound like a newbie question, but I'm having a
> brain hiccup and can't seem to completely wrap my head around this...
> I'm relatively new to postfix, but I've got a MailScanner / Postfix
> configuration set up and working.  Traditionally I would have set up a
> procmail rule to handle the spamscore and dump SPAM in to a folder.
>  However, I'm seeing notes about the huge performance hit that I'll take if
> I enable procmail in the postfix/ file.
> My question is this - should I be using procmail to filter the SPAM that
> MailScanner/Spamassassin tag?  I know that MailScanner is taking things out
> of the HOLD queue and tagging them, then replacing them back into the
> incoming queue for Postfix to deal with, but I figured that MailScanner
> would handle the SPAM between those two steps so as not to add to Postfix's
> load...
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks to all!
> Pat
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